"Staging is not decorating. Staging is as much of an art as it is a science. It requires the objectivity to see the home from the perspective of a potential buyer; the expertise to visually market the space and give it a broad appeal; knowledge of the real estate market as well as the psychology behind what home buyers in various demographics are seeking. Buyers are shopping for a home, while seeking a lifestyle." 

                                                                                                      - Becoming Home



Occupied Home Staging

(For sellers that remain in the property during the listing and sale process.)

Staging Consultation $195

  • Priced for up to 2 hours (homes over 3500 sq. ft. may require extra time at a slight additional cost)
  • Let us use our trained objective eye to provide you with a room to room in-depth property assessment (interior and exterior). We will present you with specific recommendations including: room layout and flow, paint color specification if needed, lighting suggestions, cosmetic enhancements, decluttering, depersonalizing, which items to store away and which to keep out, simple and cost effective ways to easily breathe new life into tired spaces
  • We will identify any potential objections that a buyer may have and create cost-effective solutions so they do not become a price eroding issue in the negotiation and sale process
  • We will create an "Action Plan to effectively work with your furniture, art and decorative accessories. You will be amazed how many items can be repurposed to be utilized in other rooms. 

After the consultation, you are free to utilize your personalized "Action Plan", take the reins and tackle it on your own if you wish. If you prefer that our experienced Staging Team return to stage and style the rooms in your home in less than a day (HGTV style!) , we'd love to help. No need to decide which option you prefer in advance of your consultation. 

Full Staging Service

  •  Includes 2 Certified Stagers
  • Strategic arrangement of furniture, artwork and décor. Let us emphasize the beauty and positive features of your home, while downplaying any less desirable features
  • We will identify focal points, stylize areas of your home with vignettes that draw in prospective buyers and create an emotional connection. Buyers will remember your home out of all the listings and 1000s of photos they view
  • If needed, additional artwork and decorative accessories can be provided*
  • De-staging of furnishings and décor

*Becoming Home maintains an inventory of beautiful and on-trend furniture, artwork and decorative accessories which are available to our staging clients on a month-to-month rental basis, if desired.

We also provide the option of a personalized shopping service for our clients who prefer to own the accessories, lamps and artwork rather than rent. Shopping services are $50 per hour. 



Vacant Home Staging

(For realtors, investors and homeowners with an unoccupied,empty house, no furniture to use for staging.)

Consultation/No Charge

  • There is no charge for a vacant home staging quote, whether you are a realtor, investor or homeowner -- call or email us with information about the listing. It is preferable if you can email us photos of the property to assist us in preparing a quote
  • A property assessment will be made, including the size of the property, the number of rooms to be staged, the level of staging required
  • A price quote will be provided (price includes furniture, artwork, decorative accessories, staging and de-staging fees)

Full Service Vacant Staging/Quote

  • 2 Certified Professional Stagers and their assistant(s) on-site creating a spectacular, camera-ready "show home" look that is ready for your stunning MLS listing